“How Much Do Millwork Shop Drawings Cost?” This is a common question that can be very difficult to answer. Any number of variables can cause pricing to swing one way or another.

For instance, the cost of a simple Plastic Laminate Base Cabinet can be minimal. A similar cabinet, in a residential setting, could be considerably more expensive if we were to detail a 5-Piece Doors and insert complex hardware.

At Superior Shop Drawings, we do not believe in providing blanket quotes that are vague and difficult to understand. Instead, we prefer to break out each room and outline exactly what we intend to draw.

Before quoting a given project, we request that the customer provide us with a set of Architectural Plans. In addition, we also request building specifications and a set of example drawings.

The example drawings are critical. We use these as a guide to determine how much detail needs to go into a given set of Millwork Shop Drawings. Once we have a firm understanding of what the customer expects – we begin quoting each room in our scope of work.

Depending on the size of the project, quotes generally take a day or two to complete. Along with the detailed quote, we supply a copy of our Terms and Conditions as well as a Delivery Date for Drawing Submittal.

If you would like to have us quote your next project, please head over to our Request a Quote Page

Walt White

Walt got his start in the Woodworking Industry as a teenager - pushing a broom in a Commercial Cabinet Shop.

This simple position lead to choosing Cabinetmaking as a Career Path in High School.

With more than twenty years of combined experience as both a Cabinetmaker and Draftsman - he now uses his skills to Engineer and Produce Millwork Shop Drawings.

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