There are a few questions to ask yourself when considering whether or not to outsource your shop drawings. The first question is most likely will this be cost-effective?

You probably have a few more concerning questions, such as How do I know that the company I hire will be able to produce drawings that are up to my standards? Will my shop will be able to work with drawings produced by someone else? How can I be sure that I will get my drawings on time?

These are all important questions that we will try and help you navigate.

Will Outsourcing my Shop Drawings be Cost Effective?

Outsourcing your drafting needs will definitely save you money – as long as you pick the right company.

The biggest savings comes from the simple fact that your company will not have to cover the costs associated with onboarding a new employee. This includes Benefits, Insurance, and keeping them busy 40 Hours per week when work slows down.

If you have been dealing with shop drawings for a long period of time. You know that these costs may actually be minor compared to the cost of training someone new. Just because shop drawings can be produced in-house for a lower hourly rate, it doesn’t necessarily translate into cost savings.

Most Architectural Millwork companies require someone with experience in both AutoCAD and construction techniques.  While it may not be difficult to find an AutoCAD Operator. It can be very difficult to find someone that also has experience on the manufacturing end.

Picking the right company to create your shop drawings is critical. Finding a low-cost solution for duplicating the Architectural Drawings within your company Title Block doesn’t simplify the production process. Finding someone with experience in the right areas is key.

This is ultimately what led Walt and me to create Superior Shop Drawings. With over 40 years of combined experience in Commercial Casework and Residential Cabinetry. We are confident in our ability to produce quality shop drawings.

How can I be certain that I will get Shop Drawings that I can use?

As we have already established, finding the right Drafting Company is critical to getting Usable Shop Drawings. Truth be told, there are countless Drafting Outfits spread across the internet – some better than others. We can’t speak to their quality and procedures, but we can give you some insight into ours.

When Walt and I created Superior Shop Drawings, it was easy to deliver exactly what was needed for each individual customer. As our business began to take off, we started looking for help. This is when we were quickly reminded of how difficult it is to find experienced drafters.

We were forced to take a step back and begin implementing a series of systems to screen potential drafters. When a qualified candidate is found, they are brought up to speed with a thorough explanation of Superior Shop Drawings Standards.

Our Mission Statement is very clear – we aim to produce Shop Drawings that we are proud of. This requires that every drawing, regardless of who does the drafting, is reviewed by both Walt and myself.

We are each looking for certain things from presentation through to the construction details.  You can rest assured that they are not just a pretty picture but usable documents.

How to be certain of getting your drawings on time.

This question is not as easy to answer as the previous ones and at the same time, it is equally important.  In the millwork industry, as with most industries, nothing is ever steady.

Often times you find that you don’t have enough work to keep your guys busy. Other times you don’t see how there is any way possible to produce the amount of work that you promised.

This is usually the phase of the project in which we receive most of our work, at first anyway.  We get a call or an email that something needs to be done right away, but the In-House Drafters are busy. Or they are on other projects that were promised (maybe unrealistically).

We do our best to accommodate and get your job scheduled, however, we do not take on every job that comes our way.  We’ll be upfront with you whether or not we can deliver your project on time and at the quality we are proud of.

We have found that the honest approach is always the best option even if it means turning work away.  And we want to be an extension of your business and as easy and pleasant as possible to work with.

We always welcome new clients but get the most satisfaction from working with existing clients. Knowing that they are happy with our service.  This also translates into our clients getting work to us before it becomes too much of a rush. Knowing there is a possibility we may have to turn it away.

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