About Walt White

Walt got his start in the Woodworking Industry as a teeneager - pushing a broom in a Commercial Cabinet Shop during summer vacation. This simple position allowed him to get his proverbial foot in the door and choose Cabinetmaking as a Career path in High School. With more than twenty years of combined experience as both a Cabinetmaker and Draftsman - Walt uses his experience to Engineer and Produce Millwork Shop Drawings.

Millwork Shop Drawings: Training Survey

When I was in High School, I knew that a formal College Education wasn't right for me. I had been surrounded by Woodworking most of my life, so I chose a career path that matched my experience. I enrolled in a local Vocational School and took up Cabinetmaking with the intention of making it my [...]

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Optimize Your Shop Drawings: Exploring the Power of the AutoCAD DimSpace Command

One thing I love about owning my own business is the opportunity to learn new things. Here at Superior Shop Drawings, we are always on the lookout for ways to be more efficient when creating Millwork Shop Drawings. To do this, Steve and I explore different AutoCAD Commands and trade notes. A couple of years [...]

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The 4 Grades of Kitchen Cabinets: What Does It All Mean?

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen or adding new cabinets to spruce up the look? Understanding the different grades of kitchen cabinets can be confusing. How do you know which one is right for you and your home? Here, we will break down all four grades so that you can make an informed decision [...]

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Common Cabinet Joinery: Mortise and Tenon

When I was a kid, Woodworking was a hobby and a career for many of the men in my family. Aside from the knowledge I gained from spending time in basement and garage workshops - I was a sucker for watching Norm Abram work his magic on the New Yankee Workshop. When I reached High [...]

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AutoCAD Scale Factors for Millwork Shop Drawings

Working with AutoCAD Scale Factors was a necessary evil when I started in an Architectural Millwork Shop. Room Tags, Text, and Various Markers all required scaling to print consistently from one sheet to the next. Scaling thousands of objects in those early years has burned the process into my brain. These days AutoCAD utilizes Annotative [...]

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The Importance of a Millwork Key Plan

For more than half of my career in the Woodworking Industry, my focus has been on the Commercial side of the business. About six months before earning my Associates Degree in Architectural Drafting and Design, I was offered a position as a Millwork Draftsman and eagerly accepted. The position allowed me to leverage my prior [...]

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Common Woodworking Joinery: Dado

If you are reading this post, there is a very good chance that you have been introduced to Woodworking at some point in your life. Be it tinkering around in a basement workshop, in a cabinetmaking classroom in high school, or in a Custom Cabinet or Architectural Millwork Shop. Regardless of how you got your [...]

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How to Review Millwork Shop Drawings

If you have been in the Architectural Millwork or Custom Cabinet business for any length of time, you are probably familiar with the Shop Drawing Review Process. But what if you are a new Draftsman (or perhaps a newly promoted Lead-Draftsman) - would you know what is expected if asked to Review Millwork Shop Drawings? [...]

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Understanding a Millwork Punch List

Not too long ago I received a phone call from a Custom Cabinetmaker that deals with Residential Customers. They received a phone call from a homeowner and were given a short Millwork Punch List over the phone. This was their first experience dealing with a Punch List and needed a little guidance on how to [...]

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How to Scale a PDF for Millwork Shop Drawings

Have you ever been a position where someone has asked you a question that seemed so simple that you struggled with how to frame the answer? If you've been in any industry for a significant amount of time, you've probably found yourself in this situation on more than one occasion. I think that sometimes our [...]

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