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My career in woodworking started during my junior year of high school.  I got a job at a local cabinet shop making country furniture. Every cabinet was made to look like it was over 100 years old.  I thought that this was the coolest thing. Stuff that I was making looked like an heirloom piece of furniture that had been passed down for generations.  I spent the next five years building all sorts of furniture.

After that, I was offered a job by a neighbor who was restoring a seventeen-hundreds farmhouse that needed my help to furnish it.  I took out a small loan and set up a cabinet shop in my garage so that I could make the furniture that he needed. I wound up making furniture out of my garage for the next two years.  

At this time I had a growing family and needed a steady paycheck so I went back to the company where my woodworking career had started.  By this time the company that had started out making country furniture was now making very modern and complex things. I got the opportunity to learn how to make more complex cabinets.  I did this for another five or six years until the company purchased a CNC router.

This is when my drafting, cutlisting, and CNC programming career started.  Learning how to do 3D machining enabled me to make those same complex cabinets in a fraction of the time.  I spent the next several years learning as much as I could. I kept finding myself in situations where I had to learn new software so that I could make anything that was required.  I am now familiar with Autocad, Cabinet Vision, Inventor, Solidworks, Alphacam, Vectorworks and IMOS. I have been doing this for the last ten years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

I would like to use what I have learned over the years to help shops like yours meet the demand of drawing submittals.  I would love the opportunity to show you what it is like to get drawings done by someone with over twenty years experience in the industry.

Stephen Newett
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