Superior Shop Drawings - Woodworking Plans

Are you new to woodworking and looking for project ideas to create in your basement or garage workshop? Perhaps you are a seasoned woodworker and just prefer building rather than designing? No matter where you fall on the spectrum, Superior Shop Drawings would like to offer you the use of our DIY Woodworking Plans.

All of the plans linked below are completely free with no strings attached. All that we ask is that if you enjoy the plans you share them with your woodworking friends. We would also love to see some of your completed projects or hear how your builds went!

  • Is Superior Shop Drawings Accepting New Customers?
    Superior Shop Drawings was established in 2018 by Stephen Newett and Walt White. In the relatively short period of time that we have been in business, we have experienced rapid growth. While this is fantastic – it does come with growing pains. Being a young business, we sometimes face workflow problems. One month we may […]
  • Superior Shop Drawings COVID-19 Update
    Here at Superior Shop Drawings, we use a variety of Online Services to ensure that things run smoothly – I’m sure many of our customers do the same. Over the past couple of weeks we have been peppered with various emails from these service providers outlining how they intend to handle the current Coronavirus situation […]
  • Matching Custom Molding
    At one point in time, if someone were to walk into your Cabinet Shop and hand you a piece of one-off molding to match – it could be quite the challenge. With the advancement of technology today, Matching Custom Molding is much easier than it used to be. Today I’d like to take you through […]
  • Millwork Drafting Fundamentals
    About fifteen years ago, I was working in a small Custom Cabinet Shop here in Pennsylvania. Because it was a small operation, the shop did not have any automation. You had to be versatile in order to work there. We had to be able to perform a variety of tasks from the initial lumber selection […]
  • The Importance of Shop Drawings
    In previous blogs, I have discussed the shop drawing process.  I’ve also dived into how to go about choosing the right shop drawing company.  The one thing I have yet to speak to is the importance of shop drawings.  We all know that millwork shop drawings are a set of detailed plans that aid in […]
  • Cabinet Trends for 2020
    With over 16,000 cabinet manufacturers in the United States, it is no surprise that the market continues to grow at a steady rate.  The total revenue for 2019 exceeds 16.9 billion   Over the past 5 years, the cabinet industry has seen a steady growth of 2.5%. Did you know that 63% of clients splurge on […]
  • DIY Medicine Cabinet Plans
    The Medicine Cabinet is a simple wall cabinet that has become a staple in every home across the country. Often times it is a shallow cabinet meant to keep personal items stowed away in a bathroom or powder room. The Superior Shop Drawings Medicine Cabinet does not deviate from the norm and presents the novice woodworker with […]
  • Millwork trends in the workplace that promotes productivity
    Office space has evolved substantially over the past 20 years. Think about what your office looked like 20 years ago. Millwork trends were not a thought when it came to designing an office space. You probably had some sort of enclosed cubicle. Managers and higher-ups had separate offices that had closed doors. Walls were often […]
  • DIY Blanket Chest Plans
    Raise your hand if you are ready for winter to be over.  Where I live, we have received so far 24 inches of rain in the past two months.  That means it’s been a lot of time spent indoors looking out the windows at gray skies and squishy, wet yards.  It has given some good […]
  • DIY Coffee Table Plans
    Craftsmanship and making things is an art that I have appreciated ever since I was a kid.  My dad had a woodworking shop filled with well-loved tools, soft piles of sawdust, and the instantly recognizable and comforting fragrance of freshly cut wood.  My brother in law is also an incredible furniture maker. When he presented […]