Superior Shop Drawings - Woodworking Plans

Are you new to woodworking and looking for project ideas to create in your basement or garage workshop? Perhaps you are a seasoned woodworker and just prefer building rather than designing? No matter where you fall on the spectrum, Superior Shop Drawings would like to offer you the use of our DIY Woodworking Plans.

All of the plans linked below are completely free with no strings attached. All that we ask is that if you enjoy the plans you share them with your woodworking friends. We would also love to see some of your completed projects or hear how your builds went!

  • DIY Medicine Cabinet Plans
    The Medicine Cabinet is a simple wall cabinet that has become a staple in every home across the country. Often times it is a shallow cabinet meant to keep personal items stowed away in a bathroom or powder room. The Superior Shop Drawings Medicine Cabinet does not deviate from the norm and presents the novice woodworker with… Read more: DIY Medicine Cabinet Plans
  • DIY Blanket Chest Plans
    Raise your hand if you are ready for winter to be over.  Where I live, we have received so far 24 inches of rain in the past two months.  That means it’s been a lot of time spent indoors looking out the windows at gray skies and squishy, wet yards.  It has given some good… Read more: DIY Blanket Chest Plans
  • DIY Coffee Table Plans
    Craftsmanship and making things is an art that I have appreciated ever since I was a kid.  My dad had a woodworking shop filled with well-loved tools, soft piles of sawdust, and the instantly recognizable and comforting fragrance of freshly cut wood.  My brother in law is also an incredible furniture maker. When he presented… Read more: DIY Coffee Table Plans