Here at Superior Shop Drawings, we use a variety of Online Services to ensure that things run smoothly – I’m sure many of our customers do the same. Over the past couple of weeks we have been peppered with various emails from these service providers outlining how they intend to handle the current Coronavirus situation and the impact it will have on Customer Service.

Initially, I thought that these emails were a bit much. In the grand scheme of things – how much will the Coronavirus really affect our Company Dropbox Account or Web Hosting? As the current health situation worsens, I feel like Superior Shop Drawings needs to follow suit and outline our plan for the coming weeks.

About Superior Shop Drawings

Superior Shop Drawings is based out of Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania. Our town sits on the border between Berks and Montgomery Counties. Unfortunately, this seems to be a hotbed for Coronavirus activity. On Thursday our Governor announced the closure of all Schools in Montgomery County through the end of March. The community is in a panic and store shelves are bare. Since the initial announcement, all Schools statewide have now been closed.

Fortunately for us, this doesn’t create a large impact on the way in which we produce Shop Drawings. Steve and I will be working out of our home offices and the only issue we expect is to have is rowdy children carrying on in the background of phone calls.

Our Drafting team is remote and spread out across the United States. Because of this, we feel that our entire workforce becoming sick and unable to work is very unlikely. As a precaution, all face to face meetings with our local Admin and Marketing Teams have been cancelled. In addition, we will also be suspending all visits to local customers.

Pennsylvania COVID-19 Map as of 03/15/2020

Working Through COVID-19

As outlined above, Superior Shop Drawings intends to continue producing Shop Drawings for our customers. Our internal precautions should have a minimal impact on how we conduct business and we do not anticipate project delays.

In the event that your Drafting Department becomes sick and is unable to work – we are happy to help in any way possible. Please do not take this as a sales pitch to take advantage of the situation. We feel that the relationships we have developed with our customers is paramount to our success. We will continue to do our best to be an extension of your business and ensure that you are able to meet your Shop Drawing Submittal deadlines.

Walt White