How to use a smart speaker to increase your productivity at work

Let's face it, we live in a fast-paced world.  The faster you complete a task, the better.  Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid in completing tasks is not only a huge help but a time saver as well.  Smart speaker devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are becoming increasingly popular in workplace environments.  [...]

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US Based Millwork Drafting Service

Recently I was researching topics to write about when I stumbled onto an old Forum Post on WoodWeb. If you aren't familiar with WoodWed, it is an online community that serves the Woodworking Industry. It has Forums for a variety of sub-sets within the business and is a wonderful resource. Outsourcing overseas The topic that [...]

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Is Superior Shop Drawings Accepting New Customers?

Accepting New Customers Superior Shop Drawings was established in 2018 by Stephen Newett and Walt White. In the relatively short period of time that we have been in business, we have experienced rapid growth. While this is fantastic - it does come with growing pains. Being a young business, we sometimes face workflow problems. One [...]

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Superior Shop Drawings COVID-19 Update

Here at Superior Shop Drawings, we use a variety of Online Services to ensure that things run smoothly - I’m sure many of our customers do the same. Over the past couple of weeks we have been peppered with various emails from these service providers outlining how they intend to handle the current Coronavirus situation [...]

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The Importance of Shop Drawings

In previous blogs, I have discussed the shop drawing process.  I've also dived into how to go about choosing the right shop drawing company.  The one thing I have yet to speak to is the importance of shop drawings.  We all know that millwork shop drawings are a set of detailed plans that aid in [...]

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Shop Drawings From a Photograph

Before starting Superior Shop Drawings, I spent over a decade drafting Commercial Casework for an Architectural Millwork Company here in Pennsylvania. The company I worked for treated me well and I genuinely enjoyed working there. The one downside to being with that particular company for so long was that there were stretches of time where [...]

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How Much do Millwork Shop Drawings Cost?

One of the more common questions we receive here at Superior Shop Drawings is How Much do Millwork Shop Drawings Cost? Unfortunately, this isn't a cut and dry question that can be answered without a taking several variables into account. Are you hiring Overseas or using a Company based in the United States?How Complex are [...]

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What are Millwork Shop Drawings?

Millwork Shop Drawings are a set of detailed plans that aide in the manufacturing of Architectural Millwork and Casework. Often times they are produced by the Millwork Supplier and are submitted to an Architect or Designer for approval - prior to fabrication. When a Millwork Shop is unable to provide a set of Shop Drawings [...]

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