Shop Drawings From a Photograph

Before starting Superior Shop Drawings, I spent over a decade drafting Commercial Casework for an Architectural Millwork Company here in Pennsylvania. The company I worked for treated me well and I genuinely enjoyed working there. The one downside to being with that particular company for so long was that there were stretches of time where [...]

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How Much do Millwork Shop Drawings Cost?

"How Much Do Millwork Shop Drawings Cost?" This is a common question that can be very difficult to answer. Any number of variables can cause pricing to swing one way or another. For instance, the cost of a simple Plastic Laminate Base Cabinet can be minimal. A similar cabinet, in a residential setting, could be [...]

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What are Millwork Shop Drawings?

Millwork Shop Drawings are a set of detailed plans that aide in the manufacturing of Architectural Millwork and Casework. Often times they are produced by the Millwork Supplier and are submitted to an Architect or Designer for approval - prior to fabrication. When a Millwork Shop is unable to provide a set of Shop Drawings [...]

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