In previous blogs, I have discussed the shop drawing process.  I’ve also dived into how to go about choosing the right shop drawing company.  The one thing I have yet to speak to is the importance of shop drawings.  We all know that millwork shop drawings are a set of detailed plans that aid in the manufacturing of architectural millwork and casework.   But do you know why shop drawings are such a crucial part of a construction process?  Let’s dive in!

Ensure Accuracy

Probably the most important reason to have shop drawings is to ensure the accuracy of your project.  Anyone who has seen a set of shop drawings knows the number of details that goes into them.  Having detailed shop drawings will help locate any conflicts or errors in the design stage of a project.  Detailed shop drawings help manufacturers and architects align their designs and dimensions.  When manufacturing cabinets, even the smallest error can cost a company.  Not only can it waste time, but it will also waste material and money from the bottom line. 

Cost Effective

With the advancement of technological tools in the millwork industry, it is no surprise that shop drawings have helped save manufacturers substantial money.  In years past, shop drawings were done by hand and any changes needed to be done would cost time and money.  Since the majority of shop drawings are done with programs such as AutoCAD, last-minute changes for materials or design upgrades can be updated with ease, thus saving time and money for manufacturers.  Utilizing a shop drawing company that has its own set of standards will also help reduce your costs.  Shop drawing standards creates uniformity across all parties involved in the project.  Having our own set of standards decreases setup time, ensures drafters are up to speed, as well as keeps our competitive pricing structure.

Final Thoughts

This is when choosing a professional shop drawing company to draw your shop drawings is crucial.  The importance of shop drawings is a key part of any millwork project. Working with a shop drawing company will lend itself to increased, lower costs, and time savings.  Stay tuned next week when we talk about Millwork Drafting Fundamentals.

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