When you walk into someone’s kitchen, what is the first thing that you noticed?  I bet your answer is their kitchen cabinets.  In my previous blog about the history of kitchen cabinets, cabinets years ago were simply for storage purposes.  As the years have passed, kitchen cabinets now reflect a family’s style.  When I was a kid, we had light-colored slab cabinets.  When I bought my first home, we went with the trendy cherry colored cabinets.  Let’s take a look at the new cabinet color trends of 2020.

Kitchen cabinet color trends in 2020 include grays, natural wood tones, whites, blacks, and blues.


It’s no secret that gray has become the new neutral over the past few years.  Walk into a newer home or a house that has been redone and you will see gray flooring, carpets, and walls.  This new neutral has now hit the cabinet scene.  Gray is a great alternative for those who want a neutral color but do not like the doctor’s office feel of white cabinetry.  Gray is a very versatile color.  It looks sleek and sophisticated.  It can be paired with a variety of wall colors, countertops, and flooring.  The Chelsea Gray (pictured above by Sherwin Williams) and Mineral Gray cabinets are warmer shades. 

These “greige” colors (a cross between gray and beige) will make a kitchen feel more welcoming than the steel shades that were popular in years past.  Gray cabinets fit in with contemporary kitchens as well as more modern looks.  Lighter, warmer gray tones will help bring in the natural lighting from windows and doors.  Darker, cooler gray tones help to brighten up kitchens that have more artificial lighting.  If you go with gray for your cabinets, you have chosen a timeless color that will be in the kitchen cabinet trends for years to come.

Natural Wood

As mentioned previously, dark cherry and mahogany cabinets were very popular in the 2000s.  This trend is being replaced with lighter, natural wood colored cabinetry.  Natural wood colors are becoming increasingly popular especially with those who embrace the minimalist lifestyle.  These cabinets bring a more natural, outdoorsy, crisp look to any kitchen.  It is common to find these natural wood cabinets in homes with a farmhouse style.  Pair this natural look with modern light fixtures as well.  Natural wood also pairs well with almost any accent color.  You can pair a dark countertop with these cabinets. 


White is an ageless look that continues to be a popular choice for cabinets.  Why do people still continue to be in love with white cabinets?  We all know that white brightens up any space.  It also opens up smaller spaces.  White cabinets are simple, yet elegant.  They provide a sleek and modern look.  The trend of white cabinets is still one that is on the rise.  The difference in 2020 is that these cabinets are not the bright white cabinetry that was once popular.  Using softer whites such as the Antique White by Sherwin Williams in the above photo softens the space.  It provides a clean, fresh look for any kitchen.  White cabinets also pair well with almost any color flooring, countertop, and wall color.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to the decor when you choose white for your cabinets.


On the opposite end of the color wheel is black.  Once thought of as just an accent color or a color for appliances, black cabinetry is slowly becoming a big trend in kitchen remodels.  The moody, darkness of black cabinets pair beautifully with bright white countertops giving a kitchen a sophisticated and luxurious look.  For those who are worried about the dark cabinets closing the space in, you can mix it up and just add bits of black into your design.  Pair your white top cabinets with black bases for an ultra-sophisticated, modern look.  You can also incorporate a black cabinet island to create a more modern design.   


If someone would have told me 10 years that blue would be a popular color kitchen cabinets, I do not think I would have believed them.  If you ask people what their favorite color is, roughly half will respond with blue.  Blue is a color that most people associate with positivity.  When people think of blue, they think of water and the sky.  The color blue creates a sense of calm.  So why not incorporate that color into your kitchen design?  This calming color can make a kitchen more serene.  Colors like Naval by Sherwin Williams can help homeowners achieve a crisp, crisp clean look like an all white kitchen, but with a pop of color instead.   Adding blue cabinets in a kitchen with light walls and countertops creates a modern twist on a classic look.


With all of the color trends of 2020, the biggest trend in cabinetry is using the colors together.  Two-toned kitchen cabinets provide the best of both worlds.  Pairing a light upper cabinet with a darker base or a pop of color gives homeowners and kitchen designers the ability to add color to a kitchen without feeling the color is overwhelming.  Keeping the top cabinets a lighter color with a darker base helps to make your kitchen ceiling seem higher. 

Two-toned kitchen cabinets can brighten up your space and give more energy to a room.  Another way to create the two-toned look in your kitchen is to just add one piece of color.  Perhaps you have an island.  Adding a splash of color to make that piece pop is aesthetically pleasing.  You can also choose one piece of cabinetry to add color to.  The possibilities for design are endless when you are choosing two-toned cabinetry.    

Final Thoughts

The styles of kitchens continuously evolve over the years.  From the natural wood look to dark cabinets to pops of colors, kitchen cabinetry will continue to change for years to come.  I find it interesting how some trends (like white cabinetry) continues to be a popular choice but will change ever so slightly as the years progress.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the color of kitchen cabinets.  If I had to choose one trend for cabinets, I am not sure I could pick a favorite.  Each trend is unique and beautiful in its own way.  Which color trend would you choose if you were redesigning your kitchen?   

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