Millwork Shop Drawing Samples

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Commercial Work

When it comes to Commercial Millwork, the scope of work seems to be typical across the United States. We often see MCP (Melamine Coated Particleboard) cases with Plastic Laminate Clad Doors and Drawer Fronts. Counters are often Plastic Laminate but can vary between Solid Surface and Stone.

Below are some examples of work that we have done for our customers in the Commercial Space.

McHenry Row Hotel

The McHenry Row Hotel was a medium sized project located in Maryland.  Most of the work that was drawn up for this project was for the Public Areas within the hotel and consisted of Custom Cabinetry, Wall Panels, and Accent Features. 


Bucks County Maintenance Facility

The Bucks County Maintenance Facility was a small project located in Pennsylvania. Most of the work that was drawn up for this project consisted of Plastic Laminate Casework in the Break Room and Kitchenette.


Wingate Wilmington

The Wingate Wilmington project was a Medium Sized Hotel that was receiving a refresh. This project was drawn up using Photos, Sketches, and Notes as reference material for our Shop Drawings.