10 Holiday Gifts for Busy Drafters

Gifts for a drafter can be hard to come by. And with less than two weeks until Christmas, if you are anything like me, you are scrambling to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  Is one of those people a drafter?  One who has just about everything they need?  Fear not!  We have compiled a list of the top ten holiday gifts for drafters. Check them out below.

1. A good quality drafting chair

Holiday Gifts for Drafters - Chair

Let’s face it, drafters work long, hard hours to ensure that they are completing their drawings and making sure their work is complete.  … Read the rest

Long hours & even longer days: the life of an Architect, Drafter, & everything in between

Superior Shop Drawings.jpg
Drafters can experience very long hours

Has this ever happened to you?  You show up to work again, review your to-do list, and get ready for the day.  You decide to check your email real quick and see some notes on a shop drawing you sent for finalization.  It looks like a quick task so you reply. Four hours, two phone calls, and three emails later, you finish that “quick” response. Where did the time go? Although halfway through your day, you haven’t completed a single item on your to-do list.

Too often, we have developed bad habits at work … Read the rest

Creating Quality Shop Drawings

Over the past few months, Stephen and I have been making an effort to produce Blog Content that does a good job of anticipating and answering questions from Potential Superior Shop Drawings Customers.

In this article, we want to go beyond the basic questions – such as How Much do Millwork Shop Drawings Cost? and How Long Does it take to Produce Shop Drawings, and take a deeper look at what is involved in Creating Quality Shop Drawings.

The goal of this article is to be more than just a resource for our potential customers – we want anyone … Read the rest

Wire Brushing Cabinet Doors

A couple of years ago, I was seriously considering moving on from my then employer. I had been Drafting and CNC Programming Commercial Casework for a little over ten-years and felt like it was time for a change.

I was put in touch with the Production Manager of a Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer here in Pennsylvania. After my initial interview, I asked for a Shop Tour so that I could see first hand what I would be getting myself into.

While walking around, I noticed a small group of guys that appeared to be grinding away on cabinet doors with a … Read the rest

Expanding our Woodworking Plans Store

DIY Blanket Chest Woodworking Plans
DIY Blanket Chest Woodworking Plans

When Steve and I started Superior Shop Drawings, we knew that business was going to be slow until we began to establish ourselves as a viable source for Quality Shop Drawings.

In an effort to fill some of this initial downtime, I thought it would be a good idea to produce Shop Drawings for the DIY Woodworker and then offer those plans for sale here on our website.

I began by making a list of interesting projects that I thought Beginner to Intermediate Woodworkers could handle in their Garage Workshops. Once I settled on a few ideas, I opened up … Read the rest

How Long Does it take to Produce Shop Drawings

When Steve and I receive a Request for a Quote, it is usually followed by two questions that are absolutely critical to being awarded the project. The first, and probably most important, is How Much do Millwork Shop Drawings Cost?

The second, and equally important, is How Long does it take to Produce Shop Drawings?

On the surface, this is actually a simple question to answer. When we produce a Superior Shop Drawings Quote, we take the time to review all of the areas outlined in the Scope of Work.

An estimated time is assigned to each Plan, Elevation, Section, … Read the rest

Shop Drawings From a Photograph

Superior Shop Drawings - Desk Design

Before starting Superior Shop Drawings, I spent over a decade drafting Commercial Casework for an Architectural Millwork Company here in Pennsylvania. The company I worked for treated me well and I genuinely enjoyed working there.

The one downside to being with that particular company for so long was that there were stretches of time where the work became monotonous. It felt like I spent weeks drawing one large run of Plastic Laminate Cabinets after another.

Don’t get me wrong – there were plenty of interesting Reception Desks and Built-Ins along the way but the bread and butter of the company … Read the rest

Creating Casework Shop Drawings

When it comes to Millwork Shop Drawings, at Superior Shop Drawings we receive quote requests that fall into two basic categories – Residential and Commercial.

Residential Cabinets and Commercial Casework require a different approach to complete and while both are worth discussing, we would like to focus on the Commercial end for the purpose of this blog post.

In this post, we’ll touch on what Commercial Casework is and the roll that Construction Techniques and Material Selection play on creating a set of Casework Shop Drawings.

Commercial Casework

Photo Credit: K&L Woodworking

Commercial Casework is a type of Cabinet that … Read the rest

The Benefits of Hiring an Outsource Drafting Company.

There are a few questions to ask yourself when considering whether or not to outsource your shop drawings. The first question is most likely will this be cost-effective?

You probably have a few more concerning questions, such as How do I know that the company I hire will be able to produce drawings that are up to my standards? Will my shop will be able to work with drawings produced by someone else? How can I be sure that I will get my drawings on time?

These are all important questions that we will try and help you navigate.… Read the rest

Using Tech to Improve Shop Drawings

Improving Shop Drawings with Tech

A couple of years ago, I worked as a Draftsman for an Arichtectural Millwork company here in Pennsylvania. We focused primarily on Commercial Casework and had a decent system for Creating Quality Shop Drawings.

The process started on paper. Our Estimating Department would print off Architectural Drawings on either 24×36 or 30×42 sheets. Those drawings would be marked up by hand – notes were hand-written on the sheets and items included in the quote were highlighted.

When the job was awarded, those Architectural Drawings would make their way back into the drafting office. Using those drawings, combined with a Scope … Read the rest