Superior Shop Drawings Drafting Standards

When Steve and I first started Superior Shop Drawings, we envisioned a Millwork Shop Drawings Service that was attentive to the needs of all potential customers. This required an abundance of custom templates and standards that adapted to each and every customer.

When our workload was light, this totally custom view on shop drawings worked well. We were able to adapt to each customer and provide drawings that looked as if they were done in-house.

As our business took off, however, we found ourselves spending an extreme amount of time setting up for each customer. Between the increased setup … Read the rest

How Much do Millwork Shop Drawings Cost?

“How Much Do Millwork Shop Drawings Cost?” This is a common question that can be very difficult to answer. Any number of variables can cause pricing to swing one way or another.

For instance, the cost of a simple Plastic Laminate Base Cabinet can be minimal. A similar cabinet, in a residential setting, could be considerably more expensive if we were to detail a 5-Piece Doors and insert complex hardware.

At Superior Shop Drawings, we do not believe in providing blanket quotes that are vague and difficult to understand. Instead, we prefer to break out each room and outline exactly … Read the rest

What are Millwork Shop Drawings?

Millwork Shop Drawings - Header Image

Millwork Shop Drawings are a set of detailed plans that aide in the manufacturing of Architectural Millwork and Casework. Often times they are produced by the Millwork Supplier and are submitted to an Architect or Designer for approval – prior to fabrication.

When a Millwork Shop is unable to provide a set of Shop Drawings in-house, they sometimes turn to a company such as Superior Shop Drawings.  We use our experience in the Wood Industry to produce a set of quality millwork shop drawings.

Depending on the application – Shop Drawings can begin from something as simple as … Read the rest

Delivering Quality Millwork Shop Drawings

Quality Millwork Shop Drawings from Superior Shop Drawings

When Steve and I sat down and hashed out the idea that ultimately became Superior Shop Drawings – we had a pretty simple premise in mind. We wanted to use our expertise in the Cabinet Business to produce quality Millwork Shop Drawings.

We spent some time reflecting on past work experiences and determined that there were a couple of key areas where we simply could not compromise.

The first of those areas was missing promised delivery dates. Steve and I have both been on the receiving end of angry phone calls from customers who were promised certain delivery dates – … Read the rest

Making Radius Molding With a CNC Router

About fifteen years ago, I started working at a small cabinet shop in Southeast Pennsylvania. At the time, I had just left an Architectural Millwork company that specialized in Plastic Laminate Casework.

The small cabinet shop was a big change for me. Plastic Laminate and Particleboard were like swear-words to these cabinetmakers that were focused on making custom furniture for the residential market.

One of the many highlights from that work experience was getting to make molding – I especially liked making radius molding. There was something about cutting radius fences and making various types of sleds that I found … Read the rest