With over 16,000 cabinet manufacturers in the United States, it is no surprise that the market continues to grow at a steady rate.  The total revenue for 2019 exceeds 16.9 billion   Over the past 5 years, the cabinet industry has seen a steady growth of 2.5%. Did you know that 63% of clients splurge on their cabinets when they are remodeling?  The most successful cabinet manufacturing companies are those that are not only able to adapt to the needs of their customers but are also up to date with the hottest cabinet trends in the market.  Let’s take a look at some of the trends for cabinets for 2020.


Open shelving

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Open shelving has been an upcoming trend over the past year.  This trend is inspired by farmhouse kitchens as well as a minimalist approach.  Open shelving is a popular choice for those looking to display their dishware and other decorations in their kitchens.  The look of open shelving is warm and welcoming and tends to make spaces look more open and brighter.

Open Frame Cabinets

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Another popular cabinet trend continuing into 2020 is open frames.  Cabinets with glass fronts are quite common in modern style kitchens.  Open frames make any kitchen look larger.  They also allow people to be able to display their dishware while not having to worry about dust getting on their decor.

Shaker Cabinets

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This type of cabinet has been popular for years because of its timeless style.  Shaker cabinets also complement both traditional and contemporary designs.  These cabinets have 5 piece doors with flat recessed panels and no bevel on the frame.  The clean lines and the simplicity of the design make them one of the most popular cabinets.  Even though shaker cabinets are simple, they are versatile since they can be made from any cabinet-grade wood. They can also be painted, stained, or left in their natural form. Shaker cabinets can also be wired brushed to show add texture. 

Slab Cabinets

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Another cabinet trend staying strong in 2020 are slab cabinets.  Also referred to as a flat panel, these cabinets are just what it states, flat.  It is a simple design and is not raised or recessed.  Slab cabinets are complementary to both traditional and modern kitchen styles.  These cabinets are becoming more popular due to their versatility.  From beautiful natural wood to pops of bright color, slab cabinets are able to be customized to tailor any kitchen.

Transitional Cabinets      

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A newer cabinet trend that has been popping up is transitional cabinets.  This trend refers to incorporating traditional, modern, and/or contemporary styles all together.  An example could be mixing black and white cabinets with some natural textures.  Transitional cabinets have more detail on them than a shaker door, but typically resemble them with their clean lines and neutral colors.


Gone are the days of dark cherry and light oak cabinets.  The latest trends include sleek modern colors to complement the trends of countertops.  In 2020, whites, grays, and blues will continue to be quite popular choices of cabinet color.  A more recent trend in cabinet colors is the 2-toned look.  Clients are choosing to add a splash of color when they are remodeling.  Especially popular now are all white upper cabinets with blue or black base cabinets to add a pop of color.  Natural Wood is also a very popular trend.  With the farmhouse style still being quite popular, clients are incorporating natural wood, often with a twist.  Often the natural wood is left unstained, leaving a rustic look. 


Minimalist and Industrial styles often include high gloss cabinets.  This sleek look very modern looking.  Often these cabinets include very minimal hardware.  Matte finish is also a very popular option, especially in farmhouse styles.  Cabinets with a matte finish tend to hide dirt, dust, and scratches more so than glossy cabinets.  Wood grain is another option for cabinet surfaces.  This surface is the most natural-looking type of cabinet.  Although the natural wood look is still going strong, clients are looking to customize their cabinets.  Doing a “wash” of color to allow the wood grain to still be viewed is a trend that is on the rise.   


Cabinetry in 2020 is not about using drawers and cabinets as junk drawers.  Cabinets are used for home organization with multi-purpose function. 

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One feature that continues to be popular is the kitchen island.  When islands first became popular, they were used as an additional prepping area.  The drawers were fake and they had face cabinets.  Kitchen islands are now larger and more useful.  They contain real drawers and cabinets for storage.  Some contain outlets.  Most are large enough to put seating.

Extra Deep Drawers

Deep drawers also are a trend for 2020.  With open shelving and cabinets being a trend, clients are in search of deeper drawers that are nestled underneath their cabinets.  They are using these deep drawers for their storage of pots & pans, mugs & plates.  With the use of deeper drawers, clients are even utilizing them to store their baking needs, pasta, and other boxed goods rather than using their cabinets as storage.

Minimal Hardware

Gone are the days of huge handles for cabinets and drawers.  Circular knobs are being replaced with sleek smaller handles.  The smaller handles compliment the lines on shaker cabinets.  Those that have slab cabinets, typically don’t even have hardware anymore!

Final Thoughts

The cabinet industry is a growing market that will continue to grow in 2020.  Making sure that you are up to date on all of the market trends will ensure that you will be able to keep up with the needs of any customer that reaches out to you.  Stay tuned next week when I dive into the importance of shop drawings.

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