These days, I’m surprised at just how often I find myself discussing woodworking with new acquaintances. It would seem that Woodworking, as a hobby, is in the midst of an upswing when it comes to interest. The capabilities of hobby sized CNC machines are immensely interesting but the tried and true discussion topic seems to be project ideas.

When discussing project ideas with new woodworkers – I like to recommend a simple coffee table. The difficulty can be dialed up or down based on the skillset or tool limitations of the woodworker. In a simple form – the coffee table isn’t much more than four legs, a couple of aprons, and a top. If you wanted to instantly increase the difficulty, adding a complicated inlay to the top could pose a challenge for even a seasoned craftsman.

Superior Shop Drawings is pleased to provide the Woodworking Community with a free set of Coffee Table Plans. This is our take on the simple coffee table – with an added drawer for versatility.

All we ask is if that if you use and enjoy our plans – please share them with your woodworking friends. When you are finished building your coffee table, we would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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