Craftsmanship and making things is an art that I have appreciated ever since I was a kid.  My dad had a woodworking shop filled with well-loved tools, soft piles of sawdust, and the instantly recognizable and comforting fragrance of freshly cut wood.  My brother in law is also an incredible furniture maker. When he presented my sister with her first crafted piece of furniture, I felt a combined sense of appreciation that he had created something out of a solid hard piece of wood that showed soft curves and jealousy that I didn’t have a crafted piece of furniture of my own. 

One of my favorite retail shops features exquisite pieces of furniture crafted by local makers.  I have watched scores of shoppers appreciate the beauty of these pieces. They instantly want to touch them and either feel the texture of a piece of reclaimed rough cut wood or the smoothness of a high-quality finish.  I have seen them gawk at the price tag, and then resiliently claim, “I can do that.” Woodworking interest is seeing a resurgence as a way to create beautiful objects, solve furniture needs more economically, and engage in a community of friends and mentors with a hobby that is hands-on.  

It takes practice to build up skills comparable to a seasoned maker. Crafting a coffee table is a great place to start.  The difficulty can be dialed up or down based on the skillset or tool limitations of the woodworker.  In a simple form – the coffee table isn’t much more than four legs, a couple of aprons, and a top. If you wanted to instantly increase the difficulty, adding a complicated inlay to the top could pose a challenge for even a seasoned craftsman.  

A coffee table is instantly usable.   It is a great piece of furniture that can provide style to your room, a place to prop your feet up or eat while binge-watching your latest Netflix craze, and a place to store all those pesky remote controls that end up everywhere.  This is a project that provides equal amounts of challenge in the execution and satisfaction with the product at the end. Making a coffee table is a fun, rewarding process that can be successfully completed in a weekend.

Superior Shop Drawings is pleased to provide the Woodworking Community with a free set of Coffee Table Plans. This is our take on the simple coffee table – with an added drawer for versatility.  Like any project, it’s easier to start off with a detailed plan and work through the project from start to finish and then, make modifications to the original “recipe” to reflect your goals and personal style.  Enjoy our plans – please share them with your woodworking friends. When you are finished building your coffee table, we would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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Walt White