Using Tech to Improve Shop Drawings

A couple of years ago, I worked as a Draftsman for an Arichtectural Millwork company here in Pennsylvania. We focused primarily on Commercial Casework and had a decent system for Creating Quality Shop Drawings. The process started on paper. Our Estimating Department would print off Architectural Drawings on either 24x36 or 30x42 sheets. Those drawings [...]

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What are As-Built Shop Drawings?

When it comes to Millwork Shop Drawings, there are generally two common types - Submittal Drawings and As-Built Drawings. The difference between the two types is typically where they fall in the project schedule and information provided during a visit to the job site. Submittal Drawings Submittal Shop Drawings are normally completed prior to framing [...]

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Superior Shop Drawings Drafting Standards

When Steve and I first started Superior Shop Drawings, we envisioned a Millwork Shop Drawings Service that was attentive to the needs of all potential customers. This required an abundance of custom templates and standards that adapted to each and every customer. When our workload was light, this totally custom view on shop drawings worked [...]

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Delivering Quality Millwork Shop Drawings

When Steve and I sat down and hashed out the idea that ultimately became Superior Shop Drawings - we had a pretty simple premise in mind. We wanted to use our expertise in the Cabinet Business to produce quality Millwork Shop Drawings. We spent some time reflecting on past work experiences and determined that there [...]

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Making Radius Molding With a CNC Router

About fifteen years ago, I started working at a small cabinet shop in Southeast Pennsylvania. At the time, I had just left an Architectural Millwork company that specialized in Plastic Laminate Casework. The small cabinet shop was a big change for me. Plastic Laminate and Particleboard were like swear-words to these cabinetmakers that were focused on [...]

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